Benefits of our engagement


Growing database of jobs in Croatia and abroad enables fast and efficient linking of potential candidates with future employers.


Individual approach towards every candidate by using experience of our professional team and self-developed IT system for personnel management.


We analyze in details all work experience of our candidates and their formal and informal education/training with the purpose of finding the most optimal future working position.

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+385 (0)1 777 26 01

Apply to one of currently active ads or send us your CV regarding future job opportunities.
We'll process every application and contact you as soon as possible with concrete propositions or to arrange an interview.

siluetaAbout Us in a nutshell

Distpro Ltd is a company specialized for intermediation of workers on a domestic and foreign market. We are a reliable company in the sphere of personnel management with special emphasis on cooperation with proven and renowned european partners.
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To link domestic and foreign employers with all potential candidates on a professional, efficient and secure manner.


Continuously develop network of partners and candidates database, promptly follow job market trends in Croatia and around the world with a goal of achieving synergy between employers demands and characteristic of each and every candidate.