Courier Delivering Package Requiring Signature

Working in an international distribution company

Short summary of working position:

  • Work location: Germany
  • Duration of the employment contract: indefinite
  • Necessary qualifications: drivers license, experience in delivery
  • Other: basic knowledge of german language (min. A1)


If you choose this working position you can expect accomodation, secure job with longterm perspective, german health and pension insurance, possibility of longterm employment, possibility of advancement according to your work results, qualifications and abilities.

Candidates must be willing to work in a team, maximal respect for work organisation and employers internal rules is required, candidates have to be prepare for overtime work and shift work accordingly to current job demands, as well as for certain physical effort.

Above all, this job position is intended for candidates that want to work in a dynamic, very well organized and motivating work environment in which personal commitment is specialy recognized, as well as motivation and self-initiative in performing each work task or project.


Applications available until 30th of November 2016

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